As the World's population grows exponentially so to does the need for food. Soil quality is at all time lows due to land been over farmed to keep up with the never ending demand. The constant use of pesticides has had a compounding effect on the soil and the ability to grow sustainably. Enter the hydroponic option, fast, compact, ergonomic, healthy and sustainable.

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    The biggest challenge for most island resorts, establishments or hotels, be they small 5, 6 or even 7 star establishments located on Islands is getting high quality fresh greens for themselves, staff and guests. Many of these islands are only accessible via small watercraft or helicopter creating a logistical challenge as well as the soil conditions not been ideal and conducive to agriculture.
    Urban Organics has the perfect solution and we are already rolling it out.


    Educating the youth at a school level is critical to generate the interest and enthusiasm for the "next generation" of farmers. As with most occupations and vocations, only exposure to the activity can instill interest and passion from the youth. Besides supplying to schools, we are happy to install and offer training where applicable. Urban Organics has been involved with schools since 2017.


    Urban Organics was founded with the intention of supplying primarily the domestic and catering market. It has been extremely successful and thousands of systems have been installed all over South Africa as well as across our borders and even globally. The original concept then quickly expanded and the Commercial sector soon expressed interest and starting installing bigger systems. Currently we supply Domestic, Community Gardens, Schools, NGO's and more recently Commercial farmers. We are happy to engage and be of service in any of those sectors.


What happens if power is accidentally switched off, pump breaks or loadshedding occurs?

Our Grow Tubes are designed with built in reservoir to ensure your plants still get nutrient water during any outage.

How much sunlight is required on a daily basis?

Ideally 3 to 6 hours, once again crop specific, however we have run extensive tests growing in zero direct sunlight as well as full North facing 8 to 10 hours of direct sunlight. Both worked fine.

How much faster does it grow in the system vs. in soil?

On average hydroponics is about 30% faster than soil based, having said that, we have experienced up to 200% quicker and bigger growth thansoil-based methods.

How much water does the average lettuce require until harvest in hydroponics vs. soil based growing?

From seedling to harvest, a lettuce will consume about 1L of water hydroponically and 47L in conventional soil-based methods.

Can I add nutrients at the same time?

Nutrients should be dissolved in warm water and added separatelyin no particular order but never mixed at the same time, this will result in a chalky white residue build up in the tank and net pots.

How do I wash soil off the roots of seedlings?

This is a very important stage of the planting, soil should be massaged off the root system and rinsed in clen water, thecleaner the initial planting the less maintenance is required.

Does Urban Organics export outside of South Africa?

Urban Organics is inpossessionof both Import and Export permits and can thus sell anywherearound the Globe, such Exports are Vat free.

Can I become an Agent or Distributor?

We have application forms on ourwebsitefor any potential Agents or Distributors, we welcome any enquiries to increase our footprint and take our technology to market.

Can I purchase a Mobile Trailer Shop and source discounted stock from Urban Organics?

The Mobile Trailers are a new addition and the first one is currently inbuild,we welcome enquiries from every city around the Country to purchase one and trade at events and markets.

Will Urban Organics deliver, set up and train my staff?

Urban Organics will do all of the above where it is possible, there is a fee for such service.