Hydroponics is a relatively new concept for urban and commercial growing, especially in South Africa but over the last few years we seemed to have awoken a “Sleeping Giant”.

The interest and take up has been phenomenal and come from Private Residents, Community Growers, Small Scale Farmers, Commercial Farmers, Schools, Restaurants, Chefs, Hotels, Test Kitchens and Corporates among others.

The opportunity has pricked the imagination of some keen entrepreneurs looking to hedge off the potential surge in usage and roll out. We have structured a few opportunities for resellers in the form of Agents or Distributors, each with a different discount structure and criteria for consideration. We also have opportunities for export as we are a registered exporter. We currently export to Botswana and Namibia and have supplied many other countries on an ad hoc basis.

Please click here for documentation for either Agents or Distributors.

We also have a Mobile Trailer Option under the “MOBILE TRAILERS” tab or you can access it here.