Free Standing
2 Meter A-Frame

A DIY free standing hydroponic system, suitable for home growing on a large scale or for commercial growing and has an exceptional yield. The system is very easy to use and has very low maintenance as it is self-watering.


  • 10 x 2M PVC Food Safe Grow tubes
  • 120 x 70mm Net Pots
  • 20 Removable Injection Moulded End Caps
  • Aluminium framework with bespoke fittings
  • 4 Bags of growing medium (LECA)
  • 1 Set of nutrients (+/- 2 months’ worth)
  • 1 100L Tank
  • 1 Submersible Pump 220L/H (55w)
  • 1 Instructions Manual & 1 DIY Assembly sheet
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