Our Product Range

After many months of Research & Development we have come up with a simple, cost effective range of systems that are functional, ergonomic and atheistically pleasing. The systems are compact with a small footprint, ideal for the Domestic and Catering markets. All system can be scaled up to suit almost any urban need. Our objective is to see all households with a system installed that is water wise, educational and fun to grow.

All components are 100% recyclable and the systems are designed and built locally. We are continually adding new products and have accessories that can be used to scale up your system, add a gantry, an automatic top up system or growing lights to increase your yield and shorten the growth times. All components are available as replacement parts should any problems occur. We specialise in Hydroponic systems, our standard size is the 1.2 m growing tubes but this can be scaled up to 3m if the need arose, with the option to add multiple linked systems.

Hydroponic Systems

The Hydroponic system uses just nutrient water in its tubes to feed the plants. Each cut-out is equipped with a growing net pot with a rubber seal and Leca growing medium to support the seedling and stabilise the stem in the absence of soil. The main advantage of Hydroponic growing is that it is soil free, the plant can be simply lifted out the tubes, trimmed for consumption and repositioned anywhere in the growing system. It is also easy to manage the root growth and replanting is quick and simple in comparison to soil based growing, where the roots tend to spread beyond the immediate growth area.

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An aquaponics system combines hydroponics with aquaculture in a recirculating system, mimicking many of nature’s natural cycles.

Aquaponic farming avoids chemical fertilizers by using fish to provide nutrients for the plants. The plants grow in a soil-free environment and clean the water for the fish. The fish and plants work together so the water can be recycled indefinitely. You only need to replace water that has evaporated drastically reducing water consumption.

Aquaponics is becoming popular among people concerned about nutrition avoiding artificial additives and making a contribution to protect the environment. You can create an aquaponics garden almost anywhere. You do this by  bringing together light and space using a footprint as small as a single square meter. Once the system is cycling, the need to water or weed is neutralized. More plants can grow in much less space, compared to traditional farming and the plants will grow faster and more robust.

“You feed the fish, the fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish.”

Fish secrete ammonia mainly through their gills. One genus of bacteria (Nitrosomonas) converts ammonia to nitrite while another genus of bacteria (Nitrobacter) converts nitrite to nitrate. Oxygen is required for these chemical transformations, a process known as nitrification. Plants thrive in the high levels of nitrates with this farming method making it one of the most sustainable forms of farming currently known to man.

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